Sheep Herding Demonstrations

Herders often use dogs to help them tend their sheep herd. Herding dogs are bred to respond to the whistle or other commands of the herder. Herding dogs are so skilled and efficient that they often participate in competitions. At these competitions, called trials, herding dogs move animals around an enclosure, through a series of fences and gates.

The workaholic of the dog world, the Border Collie is the world’s premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct and working ability. Medium-sized and athletic, the breed controls stock with stalking movement and an intense gaze known as “eye.”

There will be two herding demonstrations on the main field Saturday, and again on Sunday presented by Shona O’Kane.
Shona O’Kane

I have been so fortunate to be able to travel all over North America with my wonderful Border Collies, competing and working in film and television productions. But our favorite opportunity remains entertaining people and making new friends at herding demonstrations where we offer spectators a glimpse into the working life of these amazing dogs. Over the years we have worked sheep and ducks for the crowds at Highland Games, agricultural fairs, rodeo intermissions, pioneer days and parades . Myself along with my girls, Bobbi, Rose and Emma, are so pleased to join the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival & Games.

Herding Dogs
Herding Demonstration