Calling of the Clans

This Friday evening event features our attending Clans in a torchlight ceremony. Each clan is announced on the main field with a representative introducing the clan by briefly describing its historical significance then lighting a torch in a large structure. This is a great introduction to the more than 50 clans participating in the Festival. It is typically held at dusk on the Friday night prior to the main festival weekend. This event is open to the public and does not require a ticket. Gates open just before dusk.


Massed Bands

At the opening and closing ceremonies Saturday, all pipe and drum bands join together as one group and play while they parade on the main grounds. This is truly a memorable event. Please see the Schedule of Events for specific times.


Pronounced “KAY-lee,” this event is our Saturday evening party/concert/dance/celebration featuring several of our entertainment musicians on the Edinburgh (main) stage. It is included with your Saturday admission ticket and starts after the Saturday closing ceremony. The Ceilidh is a great opportunity to enjoy Scottish music, both traditional and modern. Beer, water and food from our vendors is available for purchase. Please see the Schedule of Events for more information.


Kirkin’ of the Tartans

While the Kirkin’ of the Tartans service celebrates Scotland, it is truly a Scottish-American custom. If one searches the Internet for information, stories abound of the Kirkin’s roots being in days of the Act of Proscription, when the wearing of the kilt was banned in the Highlands. According to the legend, Highlanders hid pieces of tartan and brought them to church to be secretly blessed at a particular point in the service. Ask any Scot or Scottish expatriate about the Kirkin’, and chances are you will be met with a questioning look and an admission of ignorance of this supposedly centuries-old Scottish tradition. Our Kirkin’ service takes place Sunday morning in the Edinburgh stage and is open to all. Please see the Schedule of Events for the specific time.

Parade of Tartans

On Sunday midday, representatives of the clans will gather to parade on the main field. Each clan will be announced as they march in procession, and any member of a clan is invited to join their clan for the parade.

Dog Parade

On Sunday afternoon, attendees who bring their beloved furry friends are invited to parade on the main field. Many wear traditional Scottish garments and tartans. Please see the Schedule of Events for the time and location to register and parade.