Axe Throwing

Come and test your axe throwing expertise at the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games! Experts from Knoxville-based 865 Axe Throwing will teach you how to safely hold and throw your axe at a dedicated target. Points are scored based on where your axe lands on the target.

The battle axe has been a part of Scottish history for hundreds of years. Most famously the battle axe was used by Robert the Bruce in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, against the English knight Henry De Bohun. Taken from a combination of Celtic, Gaelic, and Norse war axes, the Bruce’s battle axe delivered a single blow to the charging knight’s head. The Bruce is said to have had only one concern after the deathly blow — that the shaft on his good axe had been shattered!

Axe throwing will be available the entire festival weekend

Attendees can throw all day for $2 per person, per day. The $2 daily axe throwing wrist bands can be purchased at the 865 Axe Throwing event booth. (Cash only please).