Perhaps the most widely recognized event in the games. Often, this is synonymous with the entire sport, and it serves as the “main event” at most Celtic festivals. The caber is a wooden log that must be lifted and tossed, then points are awarded based on rotation or landing position. There is no standard size for a caber, but there is a rule of thumb that at least half of the competitors must be able to turn it. Most are tapered with the smaller end being shaved down considerably to allow competitors to get a handle on it.

Scoring the caber is a whole thing in and of itself. The short version is that you can score in two methods. The best method is to turn the caber completely over (past 90 degrees) and it lands. The landing position is scored as if on a clock face, with 12:00 being a perfect score. If you do not turn the caber past 90 degrees, you receive a score based on the angle you turned it to. Turns always beat non-turns.